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Learn the ropes with a stable management


Girl giving a horse a groom

Stable Management

At Midstrath Equiworld we regularly hold Stable Management courses to teach or members more about horse management and care. There are many levels of courses all of which are tested and those who show good knowledge and understanding at the end of the course will be awarded a certificate.


Each course is of a different level and there is something for everyone, even our most experienced riders. Our courses cover a range of subjects including:


  • Catching, Leading and Handling

  • Grooming and Tacking up

  • Horse Health and Lameness

  • Horse behaviour, keeping the horse at grass or stabled

  • Colic, Diseases and Common Injuries

  • Horse fitness and clipping


And much more!


Activity Days

We also hold activity days during school holidays which allow our riders to join us for a full day of fun! Another great opportunity for our members to make new friends and learn more about horses.


During our activity days participants will ride, learn stable management, take part in competitions to win rosettes as well as often taking part in festive activities.



Find out more by contacting us or checking our events page!